Place the Trainer on a flat surface with the bridges in the collapsed position


Place the Trainer on a flat surface with the bridges in the collapsed position


Place the Trainer on a flat surface with the bridges in the collapsed position


Place the Trainer on a flat surface with the bridges in the collapsed position


Place the Trainer on a flat surface with the bridges in the collapsed position


Place the Trainer on a flat surface with the bridges in the collapsed position


4 PUR Truth Stroke Guides

2 PUR Truth Path Perfectors

2 PUR Truth Ball Pads

2 PUR Truth Ghost Holes (*Glow in the dark)

4 PUR Truth Gates Yellow (*Glow in the dark)

4 PUR Truth Fat Gates Red


For accurate results it is important to find a level surface, specifically, the distance between the Ball Pad and the Truth Gates.

Decide which bridge you will be putting through. You will pay attention to only the level on that bridge.

Slide the Ball Pad into the middle of the Trainer.

With the entire device flat on the ground, move the Truth Trainer around until you find an area that is level on the bridge you will be putting through: the air bubble in the level should be directly in the middle of the level marks.

Once the bridge is in a level spot, slide the device forward at least to the point where the Ball Pad is in the original level spot you just identified.

Check the level on the bridge again to make sure the bridge remains level.

This process ensures that the area between the Truth Gates and the Ball Pad is level.

If the bubble in the bridge is off, start the process again until you have a level area from Ball Pad to the bridge and the Truth Gates.

TIPS: You will quickly realize that finding a perfectly level surface IS possible, but can be challenging. While the process can be frustrating, it is important for accurate training.

After the ball goes through the Truth Gates, the slope does not matter.

If you want to putt in both directions (using both ends of the Trainer) you will need to find an area where the bubble is in the middle of the levels in both bridges.


The Ball Pad is an optional but useful component engineered to precisely position the ball but not interfere with natural roll. The Ball Pad guarantees quick, accurate placement of the ball exactly in the center of the Trainer and Truth Gates.

Attaching the PUR Ball Pad: The Truth Trainer will arrive with the PUR Ball Pad installed. If you remove it and need to reinstall it:

Line up the Ball Pad over the rails, and simply press one side and then the other down onto the rails.

To ensure that it’s attached correctly, slide the pad up and down the rails and make sure it moves smoothly. If not, press each side of the pad onto the rails again until it moves smoothly.

Positioning the PUR Ball Pad: The further back from the Truth Gates the Ball Pad is positioned, the more difficult the putt.

Removing the Ball Pad: Gently unclip one side and then the other from the aluminum rails.

Practicing without the Ball Pad: To practice setting the ball up like you would in a normal round of golf, just remove the Ball Pad. Keep in mind, the margin of error between the Truth Gates is millimeters. If your ball is off-center by a millimeter, the feedback you are receiving can be misleading.


The Eye-Line strings offer training and feedback for ultimate eye/head position accuracy. The strings can be removed if you wish and they also change positions to accommodate your preference.

Eyes over the ball: For eyes directly over the ball, the two strings should be in the middle slot on the bridge, with the white string on top. You will know when you are EXACTLY over the ball with your eyes when you can only see the white string and the blue string vanishes from sight under the white string.

Eyes over the inside of the ball: If you want your eyes to be slightly to the inside and directly over the inside edge of the ball, move both strings to the nearest slot; once again with the white string on top of the blue string. When you position your head and the white string covers the blue, your eyes will be perfectly positioned over the inside edge of the ball.

Stroke Height training: Many golfers want to work on the stroke height of their backswing and follow-through. By raising or lowering the blue string, you can create that feedback.

You can also slant the stings for the option of steeper backswing/shallow follow-through or shallow backswing/steeper follow-through.

TIP: The closer together the white and blue strings are to one another, the less accurate your eye placement feedback will be, but even with the strings less than an inch from each other, you will still generate more accurate feedback on your eye placement compared to every other trainer on the market.

TIP: If it is really windy, the strings may chatter a bit. Simply grab one end of the strings and pull them tighter.


The PUR Truth Gates are designed to give you immediate, accurate feedback without disrupting your ball speed. Your most important focus when using the Truth Trainer is to putt the ball through the Truth Gates without touching them.

IMPORTANT: The Gates do not drop in from the top of the slots. They must be removed/inserted from underneath the Bridge.

To insert a Truth Gate, grab the pointed end of the Gate, push Gate up through one of the slots on the Bridge, then twist the Gate slightly and pull it down into the resting slot in Bridge.

To remove, grab the pointed bottom end of the Truth Gate, push up and release it from the slot, twist the gate slightly and then pull it down through the slot.

There are two sets of gates to change up your training difficulty:

PUR Truth Gates – thinner (yellow)

PUR Fat Gates – thicker (red)


The Path Perfectors can be used in numerous ways to improve your stroke. We will cover four of them here:

Remember, the ultimate goal is to consistently deliver a square clubface at impact.

Using one Path Perfector: There are many philosophies of putting, but one universal belief is that your putter head should never go to the outside of your stroke path. By placing one Path Perfector on the opposite side rail from where you are standing, you can ensure that your club head is not traveling to the outside of your path line.

Using two Path Perfectors: To practice straight back and straight through, attach both Path Perfectors with the gray sides facing in between the aluminum rails. Depending on how much clearance you want from your putter head, use one of the two notches on the Path Perfectors to create a wide or narrow setting.

Training for an Arc’d Stroke: Position the Path Perfectors so the blue arc guides are in between the aluminum rails. Tighten or loosen the screw heads to create any variation of an arc you wish.

You can use just one Path Perfector (closest to your feet) or place a second Path Perfector with a matching reverse arc on the opposite rail.

Training with just the Path Perfector: Simply place one of the Path Perfectors on the putting green and secure it with two tees to refine your desired arc path.


The PUR Stroke Guides can refine your putting stroke length.

Using the Path Perfectors: Place the two blue Stroke Guides in any hole on the Path Perfectors. You can change the space between the Guides by moving the Path Perfectors up and down the rails.

Placing in the grass: If you do not want to use the Path Perfectors, you can push the Guides directly into the grass along the Truth Trainer’s aluminum rail edges.


The PUR Ghost Hole is the exact dimensions of a golf hole. Many believe, as a general rule of thumb, the speed of your putt should deliver the ball approximately one foot beyond the hole. The Ghost Hole offers precise feedback on whether you’re achieving this pace.

Create a hole wherever you want: Once you have found a level surface for the Trainer, you can create a golf hole in your living room or anywhere on the putting green. We strongly discourage you from trying to set up the Trainer in conjunction with a cut hole on the putting green because you will lose important training feedback on your pace.

TIP: Another reason to ‘create your own target’ is that you can putt on the green where it is not congested with other golfers. We also strongly discourage you from cutting a hole in your living room floor!

True Distance Control: It is impossible to judge your pace if you are practicing with a real golf hole: once the ball drops in the hole, it drops in the hole. The Ghost Hole eliminates this issue, allowing you to see the ball cross over the hole AND see its final resting distance, giving you accurate feedback on your true pace.

Start by hitting a couple of putts through the Trainer that do not hit the Truth Gates. Let the putts roll out to your desired length. You will immediately see the path of the ball and whether it breaks, etc.

With that information, simply place the Ghost Hole where your “made” putts would be. You now have your target hole for practice.


Remove any accessories that you’ve attached to the Trainer (the Truth Gates and Ball Pad can remain attached)

Gently push the bridges in and down until they’re flat against the rails

Lift the Trainer until the rails are vertical with the narrow rails down, then press the buttons on the bottom of each rail at the same time

Gently push together the rails until they are in the fully compressed position

ATTENTION: Make sure the ball pad is positioned so it is not resting on the black screws of the stroke perfectors.

“PUR Golf has created the most innovative putting aid on the market! The PUR Truth Trainer is elegant in its design and very simple to use…and the feedback to the player is accurate and immediate! Anyone using this system will improve quickly!”

Jim Empey, PGA

6 time PGA Teacher of The Year – PGA Rocky Mountain Section
12 time Golf Digest “Best Teachers in Idaho
10 time Player of The Year – PGA Rocky Mountain Section