About Us

In short, we’re golf lovers – just like you.

In 2019 we began developing a putting trainer. We looked at virtually every putting drill and training device on the market and studied what they were designed to accomplish. Our goal was complex and overwhelming: we were laser-focused on developing a system that does what all those drills and aids do, only better – and all in one device.

After literally hundreds of iterations and design improvements, we did a soft launch of our Trainer at the 2023 PGA show. The response was tremendous. We left Orlando, took all the “Wow, this is great, but what if it could do this!?” feedback, and invested another year in development.

We’re now ready to deliver what we believe is the most precise and comprehensive putting trainer in the world – the PUR Truth Trainer, and its smaller cousin, the Truth Prepare. As you can see from our website and social media presence, we are not a marketing-driven company. We have poured our heart, soul, and cash into product research, engineering, and development.

Let us know what you think.

David Swan