Configure Confidence

PUR Align™


The best way to improve your swing!

Set up PUR Align in less than 90 seconds and start to improve accuracy and consistency in your swing. Our system allows for multiple setups that are designed to help you eliminate unwanted slices and hooks by working on your backswing, follow-through, and alignment.

In the box:

  • 4 Alignment Discs
  • 6 Alignment Sticks
  • Instructions

No mirrors, no gimmicks, no components on your body, absolutely nothing unnatural.


PUR Align has over 1,000 configurations which makes it great for:
• Aim
• Swing path
• Shoulder and feet alignment
• Ball Position

easy to use

Sets up in less than 90 seconds!
Over 1,000 configurations

Take it to the practice green, home, or your office because it works both indoor and outdoor. Work on your swing anywhere!

Pur align

PUR Align is recommended by pros and golf coaches

"Every training session should include PUR Align."

“I love the versatility of this unique putting system, it improves every aspect of what I want to work on with my putting with immediate feedback.”

Sammy Schmitz

US Mid-Amateure Champion, 6-time MGA Player of the Year, MN Hall of Fame


No Risk, No Hassle.

You work hard enough to improve your game - no need to sweat the returns process. If you have not discovered the many benefits of PUR ALIGN, just return it for a full refund.