PUR Putting System™
PUR Putting System™
PUR Putting System™
PUR Putting System™

PUR Putting System™

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There's nothing like it in the world. A complete system that addresses every component of putting flaws while building ALL the main fundamentals of the perfect putting stroke.

No mirrors, no gimmicks, no components on your body, absolutely nothing unnatural.

Take it to the practice green or your office because it works both indoor and outdoor. Short putts, long putts. It is all the same.

Fits in your golf bag and takes less than 90 seconds to set up.

What will happen when you practice with the PUR Putting System?

  1. Develop a consistent putting path. Makes no difference if you are a 'straight-back, straight thru" putter or use the "Arched Method"

  2. The world's best way to guarantee that your eyes are directly over the center of the ball. It is IMPOSSIBLE to use the system and not have your eyes directly over the ball when you use the 2-string-guides. 

  3. IMMEDIATE and ACCURATE feedback on your ball path. Interchangeable Feedback Gates can be moved from having a margin of error of 25 mm to 5 mm. Or, you can use just one Gate and create a simple Target to hit at. You will never doubt again whether you push or pull a putt.

  4. Putting Stroke Length. The interchangeable "stroke stoppers" will immediately allow you to naturally limit your takeaway and follow-thru length. Naturally learning quickly the value of a condensed stroke and how long that stroke should be in relation to how far you need to putt to travel.

  5. Putting Stroke Height - By adjusting the Eye Alignment Strings, you can also adjust the height of your takeaway and follow through with ease.


System includes: 

  • 2 flat, 48-inch alignment sticks
  • 2 Putting Bridges with bases
  • 2 Eye Alignment Towers
  • 2 Eye Alignment Strings (white/rainbow)
  • 4 Feedback Gates
  • 2 Stroke Stoppers
  • 2 Putting Target Discs