PUR Pro Pack
PUR Pro Pack
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PUR Pro Pack

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The ultimate training pack.

One PUR Putting System™ and One PUR Align™

There's nothing like it in the world. A complete system that addresses every component of putting flaws while building ALL the main fundamentals of the perfect putting stroke.

No mirrors, no gimmicks, no components on your body, absolutely nothing unnatural.

Take it to the practice green or your office because it works both indoor and outdoor. Short putts, long putts. It is all the same.

Fits in your golf bag and takes less than 90 seconds to set up.


PUR Putting System includes: 

  • 2 flat, 48-inch alignment sticks
  • 2 Putting Bridges with bases
  • 2 Eye Alignment Towers
  • 2 Eye Alignment Strings (white/rainbow)
  • 4 Feedback Gates
  • 2 Stroke Stoppers
  • 2 Putting Target Discs


Set up PUR Align in less than 90 seconds and start to improve accuracy and consistency in your swing. Our system allows for multiple setups that are designed to help you eliminate unwanted slices and hooks by working on your backswing, follow-through, and alignment. 


PUR Align includes:

  • 4 Alignment Discs
  • 6 Alignment Sticks
  • Instructions