PUR PUTTING SYSTEM™ Assembly Instructions

1A - Insert legs in bridge

The legs must be in the same slot/distance on each side

1B - Track Size - Wide or Narrow

3 slots in on each side will result in narrow ‘railroad tracks’

2A - Insert alignment sticks

The sticks must be all the way thru and even on both sides

2B - 'Hooks' Face In

Make sure the ‘hooks’ are pointed in on both sides

3 - Attach string towers

Must be even distance in from each leg. Hook facing in

4 - Attach white string in lower string tower slot

5 - Attach rainbow string In upper string tower slot

6 - Drop in truth gates the same distance on both sides

7 - Find a level area on putting surface

Ideally, find an area with at least one foot in distance that is level

8 - Place PUR PUTTING SYSTEM in level area

Adjust the distance as you see fit

9 - Make sure mid-line of ball is directly under strings

When your eyes are directly over the ball, you will only see the Rainbow String; the white string disappears and both cover the midpoint of the golf ball.

10 - Enjoy!

Adjusting The ‘Railroad Tracks’



For Eyes Over The Inside Of The Ball


Place additional string tower 1 or 2 slots to the side you putt on (depending on where you want your eyes).

Place rainbow string on top, white string on bottom.

Place 3rd String In middle string tower to ensure ball is centered.

“I love the versatility of this unique putting system, it improves every aspect of what I want to work on with my putting with immediate feedback.”

Sammy Schmitz

US Mid-Amateure Champion, 6-time MGA Player of the Year, MN Hall of Fame